Calco Polychem Private Limited and CFEES, DRDO, Ministry of Defence entered an exclusive agreement for rights to manufacture and market degradable masterbatch in India and export in overseas countries.

100 degree is a product based on patented technology developed by DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Government of India for environmentally friendly solution to conventional plastics.

This technology was developed for army troops at high altitude areas who required an eco-friendly solution to food packing material when left as litter after use. The problem of waste management was aggravated at high altitudes where rate of biodegradation is retarded due to reduced microbial activity at low temperatures. Center for Fire, Explosive and Environment Safety, a constituent laboratory of DRDO, Ministry of Defence was involved in the development of degradable plastics for applications at high altitudes where degradation is feasible due to exposure of UV radiation (present in normal sunlight). It took years of harwork to finally come up with technology which will render plastic photodegradable and thermo degradable in presence of sunlight,UV and/or heat.

The Centre for Fire, Explosive and Environment Safety (CFEES) is an Indian defense laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organization(DRDO). Located in Timarpur, Delhi, its main function is the development of technologies and products in the area of explosive, fire and environmental safety. CFEES is organized under the Armaments Directorate of DRDO.

Calco Polychem Private Ltd (CPPL) is a professionally managed ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certified company, established in 1999 for manufacturing masterbatches and compounds. Since its inception it has successfully grown its production capacity to 10,000MT per year with two manufacturing facilities located in India. The company now successfully manufactures a wide range of masterbatch for various plastic applications. Calco Polychem, of recent, has focussed on new product developments with the backing of latest processing equipments and continous investments in R&D for new testing equpiments. Calco Polychem enjoys a prestigious position in terms of technical excellence and strong infrastructure support.

Calco Polychem is the First Indian masterbatch company to successfully commercialize an indigenous technology on environmentally responsible plastic. With this technology, the company aims to become a pioneer leader in degradable plastics and focus on introducing environmental responsible plastics into various packaging applications. The company is equipped with in-house testing equipments to analyze and validate its biodegradable solution to plastics for quality validations and customer satisfaction.

Calco Polychem is committed to improving the quality of life of communities by working on two thrust – Health and Environment. The goal of environment protection is achieved through tree plantation, reduced effluents outside factory, conservation of energy and lastly, by employee awareness of various hazards in manufacturing premises, using protective equipments and industrial safety installations we ensure health and safety of workers and employee thus ensuring better productivity.